To Layer or NOT to layer? That is the QUESTION!

  2020 has brought in many changes and new trends, but one trend that has never fade is the art of layering. Fashion introduces many trends that often comes and go, but since the land of time layering clothes and jewelry has always remain relevant. We all remember Mr. T with his many gold chains layered and stacked on top of each other. Back then we all only known him to pull off that look, well with the exception of rappers. Some of our most influential rappers or artists has also brought the art of layering jewelry to mainstream. Fast forward to 2020 and we are still doing exactly that, layering our accessories and jewelry for the perfect look! 

     Layering jewelry hasn’t faded and is still popularized “till” this day. Whether you’re  stacking your bracelets, wearing multiple necklaces or stacking your bomb E.Y.E rings, you’re still contributing to a fashion trend that has been around forever! Fashion is unapologetically bold and unforgiving! You’re probably thinking “unforgiving”! Yes! Unforgiving! One thing I’ve always advertised and proposed is to be comfortable and confident with your style, this is exactly how trends happens. It starts from the boldness and unapologetically behavior of one “fashion bug” ready to “spark” the world. E.Y.E brings exactly that, new styles while still contributing to those styles we seen decades ago! 

     We continue to bring in jewelry that will help you spark the fashion bug within! Don’t be shy when it comes to layers, sometimes “MORE” is exactly what you need! We’ve just released our “E.Y.E Butterly Rhinestone Necklace” the perfect layered necklace to compliment any style and occasion. Shop online and don’t forget to tag us in this beauty. Remember trends starts with one person, you’re the next best thing waiting to shake the world. Tag post and walk with confidence!



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