Butterflies are BACK!

I remember growing up in the 90’s and being so 
so infatuated with the new trends, like hair clips, headbands and butterflies to name a few! I also remember my mom saying “girl we used to wear all that back in the day, they just brought it back”. I couldn’t believe that fashion can always find its way back around, but just BETTER! I decided to go through my mother’s old photos and what she said was exactly true, platform heels, wide leg pants, high buns and Afros all came right back around and just better! 

        Here we are in 2020 and the infamous butterfly jewelry and accessories  has returned and guess what?! It’s back and BETTER! If you grew up in the 90’s you enjoyed butterfly clips on your “twisties”, as well as butterfly clothing and jewelry! It was the “MUST HAVE” for us young girls back then. I was simply amazed to see this trend return and knew right away it deserved its own collection! We’ve added some really beautiful butterfly jewelry to our store! The Butterfly Collection is our most delicate collection ever! We’re in love with the details and softness of this collection and we hope you are too.
        Whenever you purchased from this collection, you’ll be blown away with the cutest packaging ever. This collection is for any age and goes well with any look! If you haven’t shopped the collection, don’t wait any longer! Relive the 90’s with us! And don’t forget tag us!


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