E.Y.E (Everything You Envy) is a professionally owned jewelry & accessory boutique based in Houston, Texas. E.Y.E was created and started by E.Y.E’s CEO Heather Bee in 2018. Heather Bee created and launched her online boutique with the intent of providing beautiful, luxury, celebrity inspired and affordable jewelry to everyone that shares her same love for fashion jewelry. Although fashion has always been her passion, jewelry has always found its way to her heart. Heather Bee believes that every outfit deserve a finale and jewelry is the just that “the final touch” or “THE BIG FINALE”!

 E.Y.E’s motto is simple, we take pride in our products, services and most importantly our customers. Our southern charm and hospitality is why our customers continue to come back for more and more. Heather Bee is consistently researching the market and our consumer’s needs to bring the latest and greatest pieces to our store. Her jewelry inspiration comes from many greats such as Houston’s native Beyonce’. E.Y.E’s jewelry is bold, different, unique and most importantly an “statement piece”!

 E.Y.E focuses on collaborating with the best vendors to deliver affordable, fashionable, celebrity inspired jewelry & accessories. Our number one goal is to please our customer and provide them with the “WOW EXPERIENCE” or simply put to provide “Everything You Envy”.