C O N F I D E N C E!

    Today as I was browsing through the internet my mind instantly thought about the word “confidence”! What does it mean? What do we need to achieve it and why do so many people lack it? These are all the questions we may have asked ourselves at some point in our life. I posted a post recently that spoke on folks really valuing the things that doesn’t have a dollar attach to it. Focus more on the things that are FREE, but also priceless (don’t let it go over your head). 

    As a 36 year old woman and mom (okay I lied 35),  but I’ll be 36 Tuesday, so a girl is just rounding off a little bit, just a little! Baack to the topic (smirks) I’ve had my days in the past (I mean past - adolescent years) of envying others, feeling like my life is not as cool or simply in rush to chase someone else’s blessings. If you follow me on any social media outlet, you know that I’m very big on God and blessings and most importantly loving yourself. I know it’s often hard in this day and time to really truly not envy others or want what they have. And if it’s not hard for you, guess what you found the antidote and that is CONFIDENCE! Did you know with the small amount of confidence you can achieve anything? Be anything? Wear anything? Say anything? Simply because you have what others may not possess and that’s confidence. 

       I know, I know, you see your favorite influencers, celebrities or maybe even H.S. friends with the fancy cars, perfect stomach, immaculatent houses and you may think, WOW! What am I doing wrong? I’m here to tell you the only thing you’re doing wrong is envying others. You have all the confidence in the world to simply be you! Being yourself in 2020 is the real bag! Creating a lane and staying in it is less stressful and more rewarding. Focus on yourself, how can you make you better for you. Focus on how to build confidence and display it when no one is there to witness it but you. Everyone wants the perfect post for a few likes and comments, but does that make the real you feel good or the virtual you feel good? The internet is a curse and a blessing, it’s a blessing for the many opportunities it allows us, but a curse for the mental damage it often causes folks!


       E.Y.E (Everything You Envy) was designed and meant for Y0U! My store is for everyone, the shy girl, the mean girl, the tomboy, the extrovert/introvert, whoever you are. When you shop E.Y.E I want you to feel and look good all the time, even when the camera isn’t rolling! Wear your confidence proud and don’t ever forget your blessings are designed for you. Imagine stressing trying to compare yourself or compete with someone else who is doing worst than you or not evening paying attention to you! So today look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am perfect, I have confidence”! I’m rich in so much more than money, now don’t get me wrong I like some coins, but it doesn’t soothe my soul like, love, peace, integrity, family, friendship and most importantly confidence!


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