“Jewelry Inspiration”

Since starting E.Y.E, I’ve been asked on many occasions “do I make my jewelry?” or “what is my inspiration?” The answer is no, I do not make our wonderful E.Y.E Candy! Although I wish I was as talented and had the time to make these intricate pieces, unfortunately being a jewelry maker just wasn’t in the books for me. I give the biggest props to jewelry makers, the few I’ve encountered or personally follow are pretty dope! Their craftmanship is impeccable and it is indeed a true calling.


What is my inspiration? Honestly, BEYONCE! I Watched an interview about Beyoncé, don’t ask me which one, because there’s so many, but I ended up watching an interview where they covered Beyoncé’s style. Wait one second. Now that I think about it, maybe it was EXTRA or is it EXXTRA!? If you watch TV and love celebrity news, you know exactly what I’m talking about Lol! But back to the question, during this interview they covered her style and specifically her jewelry choices. I learned Beyoncé loves jewelry, she loves big bold pieces, stunning pieces as well as different pieces. I remember thinking to myself “wow I love this woman”! One thing I adore, is the accessories folks are often too scared to wear, the ugly-cute pieces, stand out kind of pieces if you get my drift! I knew instantly when I beganto sell jewelry, I wanted to give you all “me”!


I know most people pitch, buy what others may wear, and that may be true! But for me, I want to give you an E.Y.E Experience a “Bee Experience”. Everything on our site is a representation of me, something I would wear and a piece of my personality. Our pieces are bold and made for “everyone”! I must emphasize the everyone! Wearing E.Y.E is certain to bring you attention (sorry introverts) and compliments. It doesn’t matter the occasion or time, when you rock E.Y.E you are screaming unapologetically you are not sorry about the drip you just brought in!


Jewelry is the leading piece of you outfit, never be afraid to try something new and always wear your jewelry with confidence. Also don’t forget to take care of your E.Y.E Candy! Spring is approaching and we have the pieces that will make your Spring Break pop! You work hard and deserve new jewelry! Take a tour of our site and enjoy our Spring Sale. Want to chat about what pieces would work for you? Hit me up on Instagram or Facebook. I love chatting with you guys! Until next time!


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