Bee Tips

      As promised 🤞🏾 Bee Tips formally known as E.Y.E Tips are baaaack! We promise to give you good quality long-lasting jewelry & accessories, but we can’t do it without your help! How can you help? Simple! Take care of your jewelry and if you’re not sure how, don’t worry we “gotcha” covered! 

      One of the biggest things to remember about costume jewelry is “it will only last however long you allow it to”! What does that mean?! Take care of it! Yes, it’s not real jewelry, and no you’re not paying thousands of bucks for it, but c‘mon have you seen our jewelry? 🤔 IT sparkles like no other! It’s the elite of the elite of them all! I can keep going, but if you know, you know! 😉 Your jewelry can last long if you give it a little TLC (tender loving care)! Here’s how...


      Dont shower with your jewelry on or spray your jewelry with perfume or body sprays! The chemicals in perfumes and body sprays can harm your jewelry and cause it to tarnish. Prior to taking a shower consider  removing  your jewelry and store it in a safe place, such as a jewelry box or a jewelry storage/organizer. Our packaging comes with silk baggies to house your jewelry, these baggies can be used as a layer of protection for your jewelry and a cute way of organizing your items. Try applying your perfume, body spray or oils first, then put on your accessories. This will help with avoiding those chemicals we just don’t want on our jewelry. At all times keep your jewelry dry if you can, if It’s accidentally wet, remove quickly and dry to avoid damage. 

Treat your E.Y.E Candy just like your real jewels and watch how long it lasts! 


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