Mixing Colors

Once upon a time you wouldn’t DARE mix Silver & Gold, it was a fashion no no! BUT that was then and this is now! Rules has changed for fashion tremendously! Fashion involves more freedom and allows individual’s to really step out the box and “kill it”! So what’s the harm in mixing a little Silver & Gold? None at all, if anything mixing the two allows more options & creativity. 

In Today’s fashion the rule is “wear what you want & make it look good”! Fashion is all about creativity 💭 and confidence! Create the TREND! Here’s the thing stop following the rules and create the rules! Now I’m not saying do something crazy like, wearing a baby pamper over trousers with Jordan 1’s, nooooooo way! However dont be afraid to get a little spontaneous with what works for you! You’ll be surprise who may love it, but most importantly do you LOVE it?! 

     We have the perfect pieces that are mixed with Gold & Silver explore our site and get to mixing! Tag us on your photos with the hashtag #eyemix# 

Check out a new arrival below. Go out there and be fabuloussss darling! Rock your E.Y.E with the two C’s (confidence & creativity)! 

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