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      Let’s talk “sweat” ladies..yes I know that daunting word we hate to hear definitely in situations which requires us to look “beautiful” and here’s comes old sweat ready to mess up a perfectly good thing! I can’t stand it! The reality is, it happens! Here’s what you need to know.

Always avoid “Excessive Sweat” when wearing your Fashion Jewelry! When exercising or doing any type of activity that will cause excessive sweat you want to always consider taking off your jewelry!

Think of sweat like water  you want to avoid wetting your jewelry as it can cause it to fade or tarnish! One thing I hate about myself and unfortunately I’ve received this unwelcome trait from my parents “Im a drencher”!  So places like hiking, long park walks etc. I try to avoid wearing my fashion jewelry! If I do wear it I try to limit to only wearing earrings opposed to wearing necklaces for example.

Understand your body and always think “How can I increase my jewelry lifeline”? Follow our tips and your jewelry is sure to last!


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