Stepping Outside the Box

        Today I really pondered on what I would blog about. I thought of a topic last week and today when trying to recall the title and content I lost it! I had the slightest idea what it was I wanted to say....then it dawned on me...does it matter? Is it truly important at this time and moment? If you know or follow me, one thing you’ve learned or will learn “I pray about everything”! So as you could imagine I prayed about this Blog! What did I come up with I’m sure you’re wondering?!? Dreaming! My blog today is all about DREAMING! The BIG “D”! The one thing that keeps most of us going and striving to live another day.


       You’re probably wondering why “dreaming”? It’s important, it’s important that folks know and understand that “dreaming” is valued and needed in their lives! Dreaming is what created lights, energy, technology, the first black president, the first earring, the creativity we have in this world. It all came from a “dreamer”. Dreaming is simply “thinking outside of the box”. Taking steps to live outside your normal. Dreaming takes courage and resilience. What’s your dreams? Have you written them down? Did you know that your chances of achieving a dream is higher when you write it down and focus on it?


       I want to encourage all of my customers and followers to write down your dreams! Doesn’t matter how small or big it may be, jot it down. Take the initiative to read your dreams daily and take steps to pursue them. E.Y.E started as a thought, which eventually was placed on paper. Followed by soon becoming a manifestation, then to action and now maintaining. I have a long road ahead, but if you’re reading this right now, my road has already begun. Who would imagine my dreams of wanting a store and writing a blog would happen? It didn’t happen over night and not even within a year. I thought this thought in 2010, it’s now 2021 and here we are.


        Follow your dreams and never stop dreaming! Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. This is what makes us so different and unique, the talents and gifts we contribute to this world.



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