Happy New Year!

   I’ve pondered on when do we actually stop saying Happy New Year! What is the deadline? Is it after January? Maybe until March? The first 10 days of the year or anyone we’re seeing for the first time in 2022? Who knows, however I’m extending a huge HNY to you all! It’s been a minute since I wrote a blog and a minute is entirely too long! So here I am in your inbox sharing some of my thoughts for 2022.

As we approach this new year, we’ve reflected on 2021, if you’re reading this, that means you accomplished one of the biggest goals we’re all seeking …. “We made it to see another year, another day, another hour and another second! How was 2021 for you? I can say 2021 did exactly what It was supposed to do for me. It came, it made me smile, it made me proud, it made my cry, it made me sad, mad, optimistic, hopeful, faithful, ecstatic, patient, but overall it made me.

One thing I took away from 2021 is the importance of being kind, being careful of my spoken words and what I put into the universe. I’ve learned to listen with my soul and not just my flesh. You’re probably wondering what do I mean by that… hear me out for a second. I learn to really listen, listening to people, listen to myself (my inner self) and really build a relationship with my father (God). I tell people all the time being human is tough! We face so many adversities on this earth in 24 hours and often it can be a lot I’m sure you can agree. But how do you get through it? How do you make it to another day mentally? I can tell you what worked for me, listening to myself, listening to my inner soul (that’s where the truth lies).

As you embark on your new year, I challenge you to really learn to listen, listen to what people are telling you, listen to what’s being said even when nothing is being said. I challenge you to be human and understand it’s okay to make a mistake, it’s okay to get off track, it’s okay to totally be human. But in the midst of being human don’t forget to be yourself, love yourself, love those who love you, respect those who respect you and most importantly be kind.

Remember you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are smart and you are perfect in the eye of the beholder! Today I challenge you to be Y0U, unapologetically! As I sit in front of this lake writing to you I can’t tell you how good I feel to be at peace! Peace cost nothing, but is the hardest thing to get at times. It’s time to find your peace, find your thing ,yourself, your person whatever you’re seeking. But don’t forget to listen to you first and listen to others. Kindness and respect is contagious keep doing it and it’ll come back around!

 With love and care I’m rooting for Y0U!



Love 🐝


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