Is it Gold? Or is it Silver?

       We all love jewelry, but the real question is, what is your go to? When you think about jewelry there are two main colors that comes to mind - SILVER OR GOLD. I remember a while ago not loving gold at all when wearing fashion jewelry. I always thought that gold wasn't fashionable or worthy when it came to fashion jewelry, simply because it wasn't real gold. OH Boy was I wrong! As of today, gold is my number one color when wearing fashion jewelry. Now don't get me wrong I love silver as well, silver and I have always had a bond, but once I met good "ole" gold I became infatuated!

       Gold jewelry tends to go with  a lot of things, for example like neutral colors (brown, beige, & orange to name a few). Now there are some disadvantages when wearing gold fashion jewelry, the tarnishing is not pretty! However remember your EYE Tips,  its always important to take care of your jewelry, store your jewelry and I REPEAT DO NOT WET YOUR FASHION jewelry. Silver on the other hand is also beautiful and sexy and it really can go with anything just as gold. Nowadays I love to wear my my silver jewelry with plenty of rhinestones. It’s just something about those rhinestone when the flash hits (I think you all understand me there)! I love to dress my silver accessories with all black or white and sometimes all denim. But as I mentioned before, you really cant go wrong with Silver at all.

     Undecided on when to wear silver or gold? Did you know you can wear both? Yes, you can most definitely wear silver and gold together. The two will blend just find and takes away the stress of deciding which one to wear. Not convinced? That's okay, go through your EYE jewelry and blend a few pieces, keep it simple until you start to feel a little more comfortable with the blend. For example maybe try blending silver and gold brackets or gold to start off, if you like it, then step it up a bit and go all out with your creativity! You can wear anything as long as you bring your confidence and fierceness, don’t follow the trends set the trends! Keep shopping E.Y.E, we will r introducing pieces that are mixed with silver and gold. 

      As always take care of yourself take care of your jewelry and take care of yourself! Be safe and stay home if you can! 


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