Overcoming COVID-19

Hi Guys,

   Checking in first and foremost and sending an abundance amount of prayers your way. COVID-19 has been a terrible monster we haven’t seen before! But COVID-19 hasn’t encountered a monster like US before 🌍 this virus doesn’t know the LOVE, FAITH & the HOPE we have! As a country and as a WORLD we will defeat COVID-19. During this time please continue to keep faith, love and hope, which is what has always served as our weapon in any fight! 

   During this time please continue to follow the necessary precautions to keep yourself and surroundings safe! If you or a family member has been impacted by COVID-19, I’m sending prayers for a full recovery! 

  I know we are confined to their homes, but take the time to enjoy it, spend time with yourself and family. Enjoy some good spring cleaning and don’t neglect your beauty! You can still get up and get dressed and fly! Chime in on your inner selfies ☺️ and most importantly clean out your jewelry box. One of my  biggest recommendations is to clean out your jewelry box ladies! Get rid of the old broken earrings, tarnished rings, the necklaces that are missing rhinestones. Organize your studs, hoops and exclusive pieces to make it easier to find. 

     Don’t take this time for granted! God always gives us our resting period, take this time to really focus on your faith with God and practice on your skills and don’t give up HOPE we will survive this virus! 

Heather 🐝

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