The V0ICE Behind E.Y.E

     Hey guys, I figured it’s time to formally introduce myself to my E.Y.E family! I don’t normally post myself too often on E.Y.E’s social media, I truly try to focus on the product and my beautiful customers. You all are the spotlight and I love posting you rocking E.Y.E (so keep tagging us)! If you would like to follow my personal page, follow me @heatha_bee_ here you can get a glimpse of me outside of E.Y.E. To the ones who already follow me, I promise I’ll post more often this year. 

     E.Y.E is an online boutique, but I operate it from Houston, Tx., if you’re ever in Houston I encourage you to stop to Shipleys and grab some donuts! I started E.Y.E originally in 2012, but with life and inconsistently I stopped selling jewelry. In 2018 I decided to open it back up and this time really pursue it despite what hills I have to climb. Entrepreneurship has been wonderful, when I’m not running E.Y.E I’m in the virtual classroom training. I’m a mom to a wonderful son Jay, also my little helper. I’m an sports mom I can end up on the court or field depending on the time of the year.

        I enjoy fashion, I’m the ultimate “girly-girl“, you probably can tell from the color of my store and my posts! I’ve also enjoy accessorizing, when you shop E.Y.E, you’ll see our pieces are daring, bold, and unapologetically fashionable. I try to select items thatstrending, but also jewelry I don’t see trending. I want my girls to wear the best and to set the trends! 

     My store is for everyone I mean everyone. We truly care about our customers and we appreciate your business. E.Y.E is me Heather Bee or some may call me BeeBee (I’ll answer either way) follow me on Instagram and Facebook and take a journey with me and E.Y.E! I’m just a girl following her dreams! 

Thank you so much for your endless support.

 Ps: The picture is dated 2018 the year I opened my store the YEAR when I realize faith is all WE need! 

Heather 🐝

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