Happy Martin Luther King Day!

     Today we celebrate the one and only Martin Luther King! I remember celebrating him in school and how fun it was to learn about him, do coloring pages and all other types of activities. I also remember watching the movies which wasn’t quite fun, but very informative. I remember as a child thinking how lucky I was to have grown up in a decade where that type of cruelty didn’t exist. As I celebrate today it saddens me to see how far we still have to go to demonstrate the things Dr King dreamed of! However it brings me great J0Y to see how far we’ve came! So as we enjoy today off, let’s continue to love and and spread joy. Love.....genuine L0VE always win! Let’s wake up everyday to pursue kindness, because in the pursuit of kindness WE are doing what we’re supposed to do! 

Enjoy your Monday, today is a new day, a fresh start, a fresh hour! Spread Love and Joy the King way!

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