New Year...NEW Me...NEW Jewelry!

New Year...NEW ME...New Jewelryyy! Say it louder for the people in the back! Wait! Are we bringing this “saying” into 2020? Who cares we’re talking loud for the ones who can’t hear! N-E-W ME N-E-W Year and who doesn’t need new jewelry! Alright alright enough with my shenanigans! 
   If you’re reading this blog it’s safe to say we made it to another YEAR and the year 2020! Wow 2020 has a ring to it, I smell new goals, new homes, new relationships and many blessings! Let’s not forget new and fabulous selfies for the “Gram”!

   I simply have to thank you for bringing in the NY with EYE. We couldn’t be more proud to be your jewelry dealer! I hope you’re loving our new face lift  and our irresistible EYE Candy! We are constantly dropping new items and we can’t thank you enough for rocking them so well! 

    As we head into the NEW Year I want to encourage you to continue to be fabulous and fashionably late (OH my mom would cringe hearing me say that) but if you’re N0T late that means chances are you rushed (winks). This year is all about you, so don’t forget in the midst of it all, don’t forget to treat yourself! You! Yea you! 

    Head over to EYE Exclusives and check out some of our newest releases. Don’t forget when you sign up for our mailing list you can receive a 10% discount! Annnnnd spend $50.00 or more and receive a FREE gift! Limited time so hurry! 

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