Whew! I think we can all agree it’s been a minute right! One thing I’ve always expressed to you guys, my blogs doesn’t always come as often as I want them to, I guess because the topics must come to me. I’m so very careful about the words I want to release in this universe. It just must be right you know!

   It’s a Friday night and exactly 10 o clock on the dot, instead of me enjoying these H-Town humid hot streets with my friends, I decided to stay in the house tonight. Don’t ask me why, I can name a few reasons…let’s see, its overly hot and I’m annoyed by this heat (I mean sun you are doing way too much in 2022 Lol), maybe the high gas prices that has me pumping gas every four minutes (yawl know I hate to pump gas)! Or maybe the fact my hair is all over my head and my sister is unavailable because she is at her co-worker’s daughter’s party about to have a blast. Honestly, I’m really in the house, because I’ve been out of the house entirely too much lately and sometimes you need to rest yourself and most importantly rest your pockets. I love making money, I don’t like spending money! Outside cost entirely too much nowadays, so let’s call this weekend a weekend to relax and catch up!

   Now that you guys know why I’ve decided to write a blog on a Friday night, lets gets into it! Today I want to talk about moving on and “just doing it”! There are so many things that has resonated around me and brought me to this message or blog, and I felt it was important to talk about it. As I was packing orders for E.Y.E and searching for something to listen to (because your girl is a music lover) I decided to listen to Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan, if you haven’t listened to this album,I recommend this one. Although its not a new album it’s a banger and I’m such a huge Jazmine fan. One of the songs that came to mind was The other Side, although I’ve played this album a dozen times, I’ve never listened to this song before, until my sister out of all people brough it to my attention. She told me that this song is her favorite song (which shocked me, because she is not an R&B person like that). As I started to listen to the lyrics in the song, I instantly understood why she loved the song and why I instantly loved the song. Every time I listen to this song I think of my sister and instantly manifest this is the life she deserves and many of US!

   Why this song? Why did this song cause me to write a blog? Simple! In this song Jazmine talks about her dreams, moving to a different city/state, buying expensive things, being a soccer mom, marrying someone and being a housewife, all the desires and dreams most of us wish for, if not the same very close to it. Even if these aren’t your dreams or your goals, her overall message is just doing it, leaving a job or a relationship you don’t like, leaving things or people that continuously hold you back, to really follow your happiness. I think we all heard the phrase “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”? Often, I think people take this statement to literal, because A lot of times that motherf**ker is greener with flowers, a fountain and the whole nine yards, but we can often be so afraid, stagnant, scared, comfortable and complacent, we wont even budge to follow the daydreams, the thoughts, and the happiness we can have. It’s like being additive to cigarettes, you know they are bad for you, but you keep on smoking, because although its toxic and unhealthy, you must have it.

   Someone out there is working a job they hate, but because they are so afraid to start at a new job, they remain there, probably underpaid, unappreciated, stressed you name it. What about the girl in a toxic relationship, daydreams constantly of the guy who she knows God has for her, but too afraid to leave because of history, because of starting over, because of the unknown? Or the girl who is stuck in an environment or city, she feels stuck without growth, but too afraid to leave? Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we let our own FEARS, stop our happiness? What I’ve learned from this Jazmine song is that I don’t want to be basic (my basic is not your basic). I wasn’t meant to be just basic and live a basic life, I want to live the things I dreamed about, I want the house, the car, the education, the trips, the loyal friends, the loyal GOD-FEARING husband. I want the positive routine in life, the financial freedom, the mental freedom, the emotional freedom. Some may say “oh you’re looking for perfection, absolutely not! I’m looking for a God-LED life! A life that when problems and obstacles does occur, I don’t feel stuck and trapped and hopeless, a life filled with so much faith and love that I feel powerful!

   Just do it! My friend Etosha recently did a video blog on You Tube, please go out to her channel and subscribe (Joyful Deliveries Ministries). In her recent video blog, she really dug deep into the importance of just facing your fears and doing it. It takes a brave and courageous person to walk away from comfort and follow their dreams and what makes them happy! Its not easy, its HARD as heck do you hear me! Sometimes it takes you many times to just do it, but its so worth it! You often dwell on whether you made the right decision, are you going to crash and burn, will you have to go back to what you left! Those are all valid feelings, but here’s one thing I’ve learned, when you start asking God to close doors and open doors, you better be ready to see people and things go! Just remember it’s all for the better, your blessings will double, and your favor will be unlimited! Now yawl know I’m never just telling you things if I haven’t experienced it! I walked away from something I loved, I was addicted  to, crazy about, you name it, but it was so bad for me, it brought me nothing but worry, pain and the list goes on. However, as much as I wanted to keep it, I had to follow my dreams and follow the path I know GOD has for me. Although I don’t know what’s ahead and what the outcome will ultimately be, I can tell you this, my trip so far hasn’t been bad at all. The path I chose has been good because I trusted my gut and I trusted him. Man will disappoint us repeatedly, but God he is a good GOD, and he knows exactly what we need and what we desire!

   So today I close this thought with simply “JUST DO IT” in the words of Nike and my friend Etosha! The grass IS greener on the other side! The only time the grass isn’t greener on other side, is when you have mishandled a blessing! Don’t let that go over your head! One thing I told my son today was to be the best YOU, you must stay in prayer and put in that work! My goal in life is to simply be happy and I don’t care who or what I leave, but happiness is something so inexpensive and yet many are fighting to get it! If you asked me today “are you happy”? Hell yea! I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been the last five years of my life and I’ve also been sad, mad, confused, but I don’t stay in those negative feelings too long! At the end of the day, if I left this earth tomorrow, I could truly say I’m at peace and happy! Find your happiness, be selfish (not too selfish, only when it interferes with your happiness) in your season and watch the results!

   As I always say find the things that doesn’t cost a penny, those are the things that costs the most! The life I desire is HERE, the life I’ve manifested is being built as we speak! Will you join me? Will you stop putting your happiness and blessings to the back burner! Remember the grass is greener on the other side, you just don’t know because you’re on THE OTHER SIDE! 


Love yawl!


Thanks for blogging with BEE! 🐝

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I really enjoyed this blog post! First, I love storytelling point of view. I agree of the importance of just doing it and moving past the fears.

Tonia June 29, 2022

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