It’s been a minute, but not a minute too late! If you are reading this, before I begin, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for even stopping by my site to view my content. It doesn’t matter if you came here to browse, read, or even shop, the fact that you took the minute to click my link I’m honored and forever grateful to you.


I intended to write this blog the other day, but the topic didn’t come to me. I’m not sure about other bloggers, but my blogs are often led by prayer. If you follow me, one thing you know I’m big on is God, faith and most importantly prayer. I literally pray about everything, but most importantly, I try to be very cautious with the words and energy that I put out into the universe. In a world that often lack kindness, values, and morals, it is my duty to ensure I spread human kindness. With that, my topic today will focus on patience. I know what you are thinking, this is a jewelry site, why does her blogs seem so personal and off topic and not jewelry related? Honestly, I’ve always wanted to blog, but I didn’t want my content to simply be based on jewelry, I want to share my experiences, my testimonies and most importantly relatable topics that may help someone. God just gave me the platform through my store to spread this message if that makes sense. So, let’s get into it, let’s talk about patience.


Do you struggle with patience? Don’t get me wrong we all struggle with being impatient at times, whether its at a red light, maybe Walmart (I swear there is only 3 cashiers), at the doctors office or just anywhere that has a long process. You get my drift! The patience I’m speaking about is our dreams and desires! We will all have our moment, and our prayers will be answered, however one thing I’ve learned is, it’s not on our time. If it was up to us, we will have what we want yesterday!


What I’ve learned is a lot of times we aren’t ready, we may think we are, but we aren’t. To us it may seem like a delay, but it isn’t, our number just hasn’t been called, but our number will be called eventually. So, here’s my advice to you if you are struggling with patience and doubting yourself or limiting yourself. STOP! You are closer to it than you think you are, but just like a Timmy Chans plate, you must wait for your number to be called. God is preparing your desires and your dreams, but he is also preparing you. Look life isn’t easy, it isn’t easy being an adult or even a young adult, we face so many adversities, but one thing I’ve learned personally, don’t let obstacles discourage you or allow you to be impatient or quit. Every lesson is a blessing. Every no will turn into a yes and every scar will heal. Keep working on yourself, be patient and willing to learn.


2015 is the year I realize that I can’t do this life alone, since 2015 although I’ve been blessed, I have faced so many adversities that you would think would’ve crumbled me. I remember times being in my prayer closet just distraught and helpless and wondering when will my troubles disappear or when will my blessings come, because I’ve worked so hard, but where’s my rewards? Well guess what it was all on my timing I expected this, God heard me and knew my desires and plans, but sometimes he makes you wait, because we need to wait.

It’s 2022 and I look around at my life and its far from perfect, but I have this thing call peace that is so expensive but FREE and if you are lucky enough to experience
it you know exactly how it feels. As a 37 year old woman my desires and my goals surpasses the plans my parents probably had for me or has for me. My momma told me the other day “Im the only rich person she knows” I literally died laughing because I’m broker than broke. If you know me, you know until I become a millionaire “I ain’t got it” Lol! But as I sit here and resonate on my mom’s statement I’m actually rich. Im rich in things that are FREE first and foremost. Im rich in peace, rich in confidence, rich in execution, rich in kindness, compassion, and the list goes on. Money is the cheapest thing you can carry but things like patience and faith oh baby if you have it, just call yourself a billionaire.


One thing I know, don’t worry about tomorrow and don’t worry about your goals. Let me tell you, we see you and “God is about to blow your MIND”! 

As I come to the end of my blog, I want to encourage you to go through it, whatever you may be going through or whatever mountain you are climbing and just remember you are close to it. Never stop dreaming and working hard, you are closer than you think.


Thank you for blogging with Bee. I’m not here to give advice, but to simply share my testimony and what worked for me. Remember to be kind, it is kindness that makes humankind so beautiful.




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