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   Heyyy yawl! Here we are again on a Friday night having a read together! I’m starting to see an unintentional trend happening with me and writing blogs (pondering…) I swear I never plan to write blogs on Fridays and in the evenings, but I guess its just meant to be right?

   If you follow me, you may be aware I just had a birthday or what I call a BEE-DAY! Your girl turned 38 years old and although I’m getting older in age, I feel so young, free, and vibrant! Have you ever felt like that? This blog is special to me, well all of my blogs are special to me, but this blog I’m grateful for. You’re probably wondering why? Well, ask no more Lol! I’m a different writer, a different blogger, a different person. 38 is the start of a new chapter, a new lesson, a new blessing and most importantly a start of a perfectly imperfect year! As I sit here and listen to Sabyna’s singe “Let it Go” I feel so grateful, so humbled, so proud, so free, and so refreshed. Well, I did just take a shower with some old skool Coast soap (don’t knock Coast, I love it)! Anyways as I sit here and resonate on the 15 days of being 38, I’m in awe of how God has allowed my cup to overflow!

   For my birthday I decided to take a trip to Vegas, and OMG yawl it was everything and much more. If you know me, you should know I hate planning things, I’m one of those people who just wants to go and that’s it. Look, as a cancer I’m very creative and all of that, but I’m the biggest procrastinator ever smh! However, this trip was perfect! I was joined by 3 beautiful positive women, who was so willingly and ready to help me celebrate my birthday! We stayed at one of the nicest hotels on the strips (Bellagio) we stayed in the in one of their renovated rooms, where we were able to watch the sun set so pretty over the mountains (a dream)! I was shown so much love from the people we encountered, from the servers, the cab/uber drivers and even a few of the hotel staff, talk about a fairy tale! We drunk Deleon and sipped on mimosas, Bellini’s, cocktails, ate lavish brunches, lunches, and dinners, and so much more! I think the biggest thing for me was flying in a helicopter overseeing beautiful Las Vegas. Only God allowed me to have this mini lavish vacation. As I walked the hallways of the Bellagio with my designer shoes, bag, and shades, none of those things were the most expensive things on me. The most expensive thing I carried on me those 3 days while on vacation was my PEACE! Peace Heather? Yessss, P E A C E! Why peace?

   Let’s talk about it. I recently heard a quote from Gabrielle Union, and she stated, “as an evolved person, as a healed person, I’m not interested in pain, and I’m not interested in causing pain”. As I listened to this video, I thought to myself, that’s the message, that’s the goal, that’s the motto. I feel the same exact way! I asked myself “what is the hardest thing you had to endure in life? I thought of all the things I’ve been through within my 38 years that caused pain, a broken shoulder, fibroids, death, loss of family/friends, giving birth, being in a car accident and the list goes on. However, the hardest and most painful thingI’ve ever endured in my life was heartbreak and betrayal. Have you ever experienced a heartbreak before? Or betrayal? It stings so bad and it’s a pain you feel you will never get over. Some people have experienced heartbreak or betrayal countless times, whether it was from your spouse, your friends, family or even parents, and some of you probably never experienced it all and I pray you don’t ever experience it. Going through a heartbreak has taught me so much about myself and life. It has taught me to expect humans to be humans, they are going to f*ck up at times, they are going to hurt you, but we’ve all heard the saying “trust no man but God”. It’s true, we are born to be imperfect and sometimes we make mistakes and often they can be little or sometimes real big ones. Our goal in life is to forgive, forget and move on!

    My heartbreak taught me a lesson, that lesson was, it was a blessing. For some people betrayal can either make them treat people better knowing the pain it causes or some turn into straight savages. For me it made me realize to be kind, genuine and to reciprocate the same energy I would want. If you asked me a few months ago, would I love again, I probably would’ve stated HELL NO! But someone made me realize not to give up on love and not to close myself up and be resentful. We are meant to be loved and have someone in life, and often we may come across a few lessons before the blessing. I’ve learned to not turn into a savage and tie myself to unnecessary men seeking revenge (we often do that as people). Please keep in mind this didn’t happen over-night, it took me five years to get to this point. Our focus is how can we get them back, make them sad, make them regret. We don’t have to do all of that. I tell people all the time, I leave it to God, me interfering in God’s work is like me jumping you (chuckles). The best revenge to pain or brokenness is happiness! Noticed I didn’t say to the person who caused it. The best revenge to overcome hurt, rejection and pain, is to be happy! I read an article the other day where Matthew Knowles stated he taught Beyonce and Solange how to prepare for failure and I thought it was the most intelligent advice to give someone. We as people never prepare for failure, what if we did? I remember being a trainer and I used to prepare myself in case my internet went out, a system stops working and the list goes on, but I never thought about it in my personal life. As I continue to grow, that’s my advice for myself and you, lets prepare for failure. Let’s prepare that we and people will f*ck up and let’s learn how to maintain and handle ourselves in those situations.

    Look I don’t have all the answers, my biggest advice is to find your happiness! I’m just Bee in the city! I’m living my life to the fullest! I remember days crying profusely to God asking when will the pain end, and now here I am on July 15th, 2022, at my best! I’m thriving, I’m trying, I’m failing, I’m learning, but I’m at peace! I decided to turn my lessons into blessings. I decided to be rare, be human, be a gem and the perfect epitome of God’s version of me! I don’t know what next month will bring me or even tomorrow, but I know for sure I want to be kind, sit in grace, take trips, parent my son, love on my family and friends, empower the people around me, grown my business, follow my dreams and most importantly hold on to the things that cost nothing, but is the most expensive! I’m a lover, loyal, faithful and a nurturer and I’m excited to offer these God giving traits to my lover. Heather Bee is in the city and embracing what it brings. My son Jay always keeps me on my toes, but the biggest thing he has always communicated that I’ma nice person and a good woman. Now he’s a hard person to please so I’m happy to get his opinion. To my dear readers who are struggling to find yourself or find your place, the first thing you need to do is pray and be specific with your prayer. Betrayal will teach you lessons you aren’t prepared for, but remember to be kind, forgive, forget and be rare. I hear men constantly criticizing women and honestly some of us women have went rogue, women are simply fed up and literally is on their city girl stuff times 10 Lol! I don’t judge the next person, but I’m old skool, be the perfect version you can be of you! Don’t seek revenge for betrayal, seek happiness and it all will align.


I love yawl!


Thanks for blogging with Bee! 🐝

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