Don’t forget your accessories....

    New year, new month and a new holiday! I know what you’re thinking “geesh Louise” we just “got” through Christmas.” I knoowww, but Valentines Day is approaching and WE know this is our month to show up and show out for the holiday. I mean who’s going to put together the bomb V-day parties or decorate the cutest heart pastries? Us! No one can celebrate a holiday like us FEMALES! With that being said, we can’t arrive fashionably late without our V-day accessories! We have what you need! Our Sweetheart Collection is our “sweetest” collection. It features our heart themed accessories such as studs, hoops and necklaces.  Treat yourself this Valentines Day and explore our collection of heart themed accessories.  Need more options? Take a peek at our entire inventory, we have other heart accessories that “will knock your socks off”. Oh wait a minute! Did I mention when you spend $19.99 or more you can reduce your total by 25%? Yes! Simply use the code LOVE20. This Valentines Day let EYE accessorize you!


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