Christmas is NEAR

Ahhh Christmas is near, Christmas Trees, ornaments, presents, money, crowds, cookies, bills, lines (sighs) did I mention I just love Christmas! I truly do, it’s that time of the year where we have to buckle down and play good ole St. Nick, but the joyous occasion of gift giving, togetherness, family and friends brings such great pleasure and many blessings! 

Gift giving can be fairly easy, actually it’s pretty simple “get them something they love!" Everyone has that one bestie, who just may have noticed the dope EYE gear that you've been rocking lately and chances are they just loved it! However your undying relationship with your EYE candy wouldn’t allow you to depart ways! And why should you? (Kanye shrugs) We all know the feeling when you are in a committed relationship with your jewelry! But guess what? Christmas is near and the perfect time to gift your besties, sisters, friends, mom or (whoever that special fashion diva(s) in your life is) with the perfect accessories! Win win situation right? So heat up some hot chocolate, hop on the computer or even grab your phone and shop EYE! 

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