Hey yawl!! Today is one of my favorite holidays and it was only RIGHT to write a blog to celebrate the day of L-O-V-E! Don’t mind me, I’m just grateful to be here today, grateful for warm weather in Houston and grateful I conquered Monday! Scrolling through social media and seeing all the Valentine’s Day posts, from couples, to friends celebrating “Galantine’s Day” …. wait…when did “Galantine’s Day” happen? You know what it doesn’t even matter, I find it very cute to have all these new untraditional holidays nowadays! Back to what I was saying, just seeing all the celebratory posts has been so heart-warming. Big shout out to my small businesses, you guys are killing it. No need to stand in long lines, tap into these small businesses, they are killing it, giving you impeccable prices and products! I’ll shout out a few at the end of my blog.


   Most people wonder, well let me not exaggerate, my sister and my son, always ask me “why do I love Valentine’s Day so much”? Honestly, it’s the hopeless romantic in me, is that what they call people who really love romance and the concept of love? Don’t quote me! Lol! But seriously, it all started when I was a young girl, I remember my dad would always shower my mom with gifts on Valentine’s Day. My dad wasn’t a romance type of guy (still isn’t), he wasn’t the Johnny Gill “put on your red dress and high heels type of dude” to be quite honest. My mom and dad are two country bumkins, that never went out on dates or did romantic type of things, so to see him go all out of his way on Valentine’s Day was so magical to me. Look he didn’t just get a card and some candy; he really went all out. My dad would buy huge stuffed bears, candy, lingerie (I’m sure he said panties…hahahah), my mom doesn’t like flowers so he didn’t purchase those, but he would also buy the huge cards, the really big big ones. Everything was extremely big and me as a little girl was in awe! Each year, I would tell myself, I can’t wait until I get older to get those types of gifts! However outside of the gifts, it was the love shown on that day that really did it. There’s no perfect relationship and my parents didn’t have one, but on that day, there wasn’t arguments, disagreements, or whatever type of bad energy you can think of. That day was all about LOVE and that’s why I adore it so much!


   A lot of people are single on this day and totally cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day, maybe thinking it’s a strong reminder they are spending yet another day without the love of their life. Hear me out when I say, “some people”. Being single doesn’t mean lonely or sad, or whatever negative notion people tend to give. A lot of people are perfectly happy being single and use this day to love on themselves most importantly or a love one(s). If you are feeling a little down today, because you are alone or single, hey chin up! Your day will come when you can to celebrate with your love! To all my readers, take this day to really love on your loved ones, whether its your kids, parents, significant other, it doesn’t matter. Today is the day to show L-O-V-E!


   Another thing I love about Valentine’s Day, this is the day when pink and red shines the hardest! You guys know I love me some pink! It’s also the day that the symbol “heart” steals the show! I love seeing all the V-Day outfits. E.Y.E has some sweet accessories that would totally spark up your V-DAY gear or if you just love red, pink and hearts like me. Have you checked out our Sweetheart Collection? You must get into our “sweetest collection” it’s available all year around and its currently on sale! Also wait for it…. We are adding our “Love Collection”! Our Love Collection is all about hearts and more hearts! It will be available online shortly just in time for the day of LOVE! 2022 is all about love, growing, glowing, and looking good while you do it. If you haven’t had the chance to shop E.Y.E wait no longer, click the link and let’s shop!

   Here’s some other businesses to check out on this day of love! Check out A Sprinkle of Luxe (@asprinkleofluxe) for your sweet needs! This small business is making big business type of treats at an affordable price and located in Houston. In need of some self-care and pampering? Check out Goddess Beauty Esthetics LLC (@goddessbeautyesthetics), located in Houston with affordable prices and an experience you don’t want to miss. In need of last-minute gifts for Valentine’s Day or any type of customization, this business has it all, check out Pretty Ladies Creations (@prettyladycreations). You can find all these businesses on Instagram, don’t forget to tell them Bee sent you!


As always thanks for Blogging with BEE 🐝 

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