E Y E TiPs

Happy New Year!

Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s February and we’re officially two days into the new year, why is she still saying Happy New Year? When do we actually stop saying HNY? Is there really a cut off period and if so when is it! For now my cut off is February, after that no more Lol! But I’m happy to be here and happy to write to my favorite people ..... my followers! 

2021 and E Y E is still here, we couldn’t be here without our amazing followers and customers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart 💕
I’m so excited about 2021 and what’s next for E Y E. We aim to continue to bring new jewelry, accessories,
as well as trendy and bold pieces! Be on the lookout for an old favorite we are bringing back....which is our  E Y E Tips! Yes you heard it here, we are bringing back the tips you need to keep your fashion jewelry looking prestige. Our E Y E Tips will be available here, simply click on Blogs and viola “the tips you need”.
This year we want to make E Y E better and bigger! Continue to tag us on your beautiful posts and follow us on Instagram & Facebook for resposts, giveaways, new arrivals, upcoming arrivals and much more.

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